Monday, January 08, 2007

Coinjock Marina & Restaurant

If you are heading down to or coming back from the Outer Banks and you need to stop for sustenance, get off the beaten path (in this case Rt. 12) and head to the Coinjock Marina & Restaurant. Located at 321 Waterlily Rd. along the Intracoastal Waterway, the restaurant is a quiet little spot with great food. We arrived for lunch on a Sunday and soon discovered that this is the place for locals after church as well as a favorite for police, fire, and other service sector personnel. And if you are traversing by boat, you can put in at the dock for some fine eating. Colleen, our waitress, was pleasant and capable, serving us house-made potato chips as we were seated. The establishment serves dinner selections all day and also offers a sandwich menu for lunch as well as daily specials. There is also a decent wine list. My hubby ordered the Fried Shrimp dinner with fries, slaw, and hush puppies ($15.99). Lots of large-sized shrimp barely breaded. Very yummy. I initially was going to order the chicken sandwich, but one of the specials for the day was home-made Chicken and Dumplings ($10.99). As we traveled back to Richmond and the day had become cloudy and dreary, this comfort dish turned out to be perfect. Pulled chicken meat (both light and dark meat), a thick broth, and flat dumplings. We have traveled Rt. 12 for years without venturing to this tucked-away restaurant. It will now be the only place to stop.


Steven said...

I just ate there yesterday (Sat Jan. 27, 2007). I wasn't impressed. My pork chop wasn't cooked through and I had to have it brought back to the kitchen. When it was returned, it had obviously been microwaved and the sauce on the pork chop was ruined. My partner's Delmonico steak was supposed to be medium-well. It was medium-rare, but after my experience he didn't dare complain. The green beans with my chop were bland. The baked potato was good, but it's hard to mess up a baked potato. I also waited over five minutes before dinner with an empty iced tea glass. I won't eat there again.

Mary said...

I just ate at the Coinjock Marina Restaurant on Monday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had the quail, which was fine, but the real treat were their homemade potato chips and the Key Lime Pie martini -- I highly recommend it. Service was perfect.