Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Hospitality of Friends

Over the weekend we relied on the hospitality of friends. We began with sopressata and Serrano from The Belmont Butchery along with Spanish olives stuffed with anchovies. The main course consisted of Indian Butter Chicken, rice, and green beans with grated lemon peel. The chicken had a wonderfully spicy (not hot) yogurt sauce. And we were also treated to homemade naan. The flat strips of dough puffed up like magic on a preheated pizza stone. And the sauce just begged for the naan! Dessert ended up being a delicious hodgepodge: fudge brownie, dulche de leche ice cream, and winesap apples and currents sautéed in port. The big surprise turned out to be the beverage accompanying dessert: White Port direct from Oporto. The port had the look and consistency of tawny port but did not have the nuttiness and was smoother to drink. The nectar paired well with our variety of sweets. We are indeed fortunate to have such wonderful compatriots!

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