Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eat at Hereford Road in London

We had a kick ass meal at Hereford Road, a small place housed in a former butcher shop in the Bayswater area. If you go to their homepage, you will see the table we ate at. Side by side facing the open kitchen. These kitchen side tables were for walk-ins (which we were) while the proper tables were towards the back of the restaurant. We were thrilled with the kitchen view.

Hereford Road

Dynamic Duo

We began with a French Cabernet Franc from Saumur Champigny and a plate of bread. A beautiful beginning to the evening as we cozy up and watch the waitstaff and kitchen staff dance.

French Red

For starters we chose a Spinach and Ramson Soup and Roast Quail with Radishes. Ramson is in the alluvium family and is also referred to as wild garlic. This soup was delicious and sported an incredible green color. We ordered the quail because the table next to us did and it looked divine (tasted so, as well).

Spinach and Ramson Soup

Roast Quail and Radishes

The second course consisted of Middlewhite Pork Shoulder with Parsnips and Pot Roast Duck Leg with Fennel. Middlewhite pork comes from a rare breed of pigs known for their quality. The portion was more than adequate and it was so nice to have mashed parsnips as well. And the duck leg was huge and incredibly delicious and tender. I raised my knife and fork to begin carving and the leg fell apart at the touch. Just like a pot roast. Amazing.

Middlewhite Pork Shoulder and Parsnips

Pot Roast Duck Leg and Fennel

Even though we had enjoyed a hearty meal hubby could not resist an Apple Crumble and Ice Cream for dessert. I settled for a glass of Armagnac.

Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream


This was truly a great meal in a lovely setting. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in London. The menu can change daily and focuses on items from the UK. Reservations are recommended.

Open Kitchen Portrait

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