Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dinner Doesn't Dampen Delightful Duo

Back in early October, hubby and I attended a concert at the Modlin Center with Philip Glass and Tim Fain. Glass is my favorite composer and to have a chance to hear him play was amazing. Tim Fain plays the violin and was unknown to us. He is a fantastic musician. We thoroughly enjoyed both artists.

Before the concert we went to Azzuro for dinner. The last time we ate at Azzuro was before we moved to Richmond. While we liked it well enough then, we were not very impressed this time. Service was okay, but nothing to rave about. Everyone was preoccupied with a big party to the detriment of the few early diners. To eat we tried the calamari. Again, okay, but does not compare to Wild Ginger, Lemaire, or Bistro 27.


We also tried Mozzarella en Carrozza - Bufala mozzarella between egg battered bread sauteed in olive oil and topped with an anchovy porcini mushroom sauce. It sounded interesting, but was disappointing. I somehow thought the bread would be fried a bit more. It also seemed like there was ham or prosciutto added to the mix? If not, what was it? I just did not like it. If this is the way the dish is supposed to be, chalk it up to my lack of knowledge.


We also shared a Toasted Pepperoni Pizza. Azzuro has a brick oven for pizza. The pizza had goat cheese as well as mozzarella which added an interesting twist. But once again, the pizza was okay. Aziza's on Main and the newly opened Flames 231 are much better.

Toasted Pepperoni Pizza

Since we were in the vicinity, it made sense for us to try Azzuro. We'll probably choose other options for future Modlin events.

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