Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Mill on MacArthur

Over the last several months we have eaten at The Mill on MacArthur three times. We always want to see a local neighborhood restaurant succeed, especially one that we can walk to. Unfortunately, our experiences have not made us enthusiastic fans. The first time we had breakfast at dinner - typical eggs, bacon, biscuit, potatoes. I was happy that we had a breakfast option, but the potato pancake was not to either of our liking. The Mill has since dispensed with breakfast food after 4 PM. Our second experience was much better for lunch - Black Angus Sliders and Oyster Po Boy. I loved the caramelized onions on the sliders and they were the perfect size. The oysters were decent. Both came with house-made chips. Also good.

Last week was our third trip. This time we ordered a couple of appetizers and a pizza. Hubby is always drawn to oysters, so he ordered the fried oyster starter.

Oyster Pieces

It looked like the oysters were cut up into pieces instead of being fried whole. He couldn't really tell, but he was disappointed with the app.

I tried the grilled wings. I liked the grilled-ness and the wings were very meaty, but, otherwise, these wings were bland. No zip; no zing. The ranch dressing did not enhance matters.

Grilled Wings

We shared the pizza special: Philly Cheesesteak Pizza.

Philly Cheesesteak Pie

Not too bad; although hubby kept complaining the he could not taste the meat as much as he would like. The other ingredients overpowered the meat. The crust was crispy but a bit thick and a bit sweet. The more we ate, the more it seemed like refrigerated pizza dough from the grocery store. The crust just did not satisfy.

If we visit The Mill again, we will stick to the sliders and chips. If they ever replace the potato pancake with real mashed potatoes for the turkey blue plate, I will want to at least give that a whirl.

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