Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Round Up

Lots of activity this weekend. On Saturday we shopped for furniture. If anyone out there is aware of a pair of cool oval, round, or triangular bedside tables - contemporary or whimsical, let me know. I've had no luck.

We popped by the French Food Festival supporting the Little Sisters of the Poor. While the beef burgundy was tasty, it was ordinary.

The Cream Puffs based on Sister Teresa's recipe were incredible! It will be worth returning next year just for these.

In the evening we headed to The Diamond for Flying Squirrel action. On the way, we paused at Kitchen 64 for a margarita. Kithen 64 makes them with Sauza Gold tequila. I have always liked this brand for making margaritas. It retains the tequila essence (hint of licorice and black pepper) despite the sour, lime, and orange mix. Yummy!

During the game, we tried the BBQ - okay, but no great shakes and Dominic's brats (good, as usual). A word to the wise - if you want food at The Diamond, get to the game early. The lines were horrendous! Our friends elected to eat peanuts (Virginia Diner brand, I'm pleased to report) for dinner becuase the game would have ended before they got dinner.

I thought I had read that the vendors would also serve wine as well as beer. No wine to be found, so I stuck with Coke.

We were pleased that our team won and we met Nutzy.

While I have not found any bedside tables, I did fall in love with a chair for the office. We brought it home today. A big shout-out to R-Prime for the use of his truck. I hope you enjoy the Chateau Meyney!

And we enjoyed some burgers and fries at Five Guys.  We both like bacon with our beef - me with cheese, grilled onions, and ketchup; hubby with A-1 sauce (remember steak burgers?).

Nice weekend.

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