Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boka Tako Truck

J. Emerson arranged for the Boka Tako Truck to stop on Grove Ave.

Lots of tempting menu items

I ordered fish tako with pears and sweet/spicy Napa cabbage

And then ducked inside to sample a sparkling rose with my fusion fare (they also had beer samples)

Quite messy. The corn tortilla disintegrated and I ended up with scooping up everthing with my fingers, but still, Delicious! J. Emerson also had plenty of napkins on hand. The Bugey Cerdon had a bit of sweetness to it, but worked well with the pear and sweet/spicy sauce.

Since I don't work downtown, I usually can't take advantage of the food cart offerings. I'm glad the stars had aligned on this day. And kudos to J. Emerson for coordinating!


noel said...


thanks for sharing your interpretation of the verticle them today, i like the photos of the menu, what a weird mix american/mexican/asian fusion - i'm really confused, but i'm sure it tastes good?

Anonymous said...

This cart was the voted the best in Richmond??? Seriously? The truck is dirty, they don't have utensils and the service was rude. I guess it's good if you think you are trendy with big hoops in your ears, but goat and rabbit tacos are insanely nasty. Why Richmond, why???!!!!! I know it's trendy, but at some point duck confit tacos become ridiculous.