Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Mommy Gourmet has graciously given me a blogger award. I am so flattered! and grateful! A thousand thanks to you, my friend.

So, now I must also share the love and bestow this award on a few others more worthy than myself.

1) Veronica's Test Kitchen - I love this blog. She makes delightful, mouthwatering creations and her write ups are fabulous.

2) Anything Wine - John knows his wine stuff. He is meticulous and possesses a very keen palate.

3) Messy Cuisine - The Messy Chef features recipes, local and non-local restaurant reviews, and videos.

4) Caramelized Opinions - Jason was one of the first bloggers to add my blog to his list of links. And now he has partnered with a few local Richmond bloggers to create the granddaddy of all Richmond food blog aggregators - Eating Richmond.

5) Whine Me Dine Me - Hip, irreverent, and unapologetic. An amalgamation of two foodie forces of nature. If it's a food happening in Richmond, these guys are on top of it.

6) Brandon Eats - When I first began my blog, Brandon's comments inspired me to continue. The first lady of Richmond food bloggers.


veron said...

Congratulations on the award, pjpink! And thank you for bestowing the award on me...I am very flattered! :)

RVA Foodie said...

Big thanks. As soon as I started blogging, I linked to all the Richmond food bloggers so I'd look all connected and well read. But, over time, I was just glad that my underwhelmed visitors would have somewhere worthwhile to go after reading my posts. is just an extension of those ideas.

Together, our blogs are like an array of tapas, or a mezza platter.

Whine Me said...

holy moly. you rock. thank you so much for the sweet accols. we have always thought you are the goddess. well deserved award for you.