Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tiny Bubbles at Affordable Prices

Many many moons ago I graduated from drinking crap fizzy wine (think J. Roget) to champagne (Moet Red Star). What a huge eureka moment! I finally got it. And to this day I enjoy drinking the real stuff. Unfortunately, my champagne tastes have not been wedded to a champagne budget. So, while I enjoy proseccos, cremants, and cavas from various regions, I am always on the look out for French bubbly under $30.

About a month ago, we ran across Jeanmaire Cuvee Brut from Epernay at Trader Joe's for $18.99. We only purchased one bottle just to try it. And last night we finally opened the thing. Yeasty smells emanated from the bottle and had us salivating. The taste was a bit applely and not too acidic. We congratulated ourselves on our good fortune and drank it with a frisee salad with diced Surry sausage and fried eggs.

Now I need to make another trip to the Far West End.


Anonymous said...

have you tried the cremant du jura from tissot? biodynamically produced, a dead ringer for champagne, freakin delicious. i know there are cheaper cremants out there, but give it a whirl sometime if you haven't yet.

pjpink said...

Thanks for the suggestion - Do you know where I can find a bottle to try?