Thursday, December 04, 2008

a date with mommy and daddy

My husband and I met mommy and daddy gourmet at Tastebud's American Bistro for a lovely "blind date" dinner the weekend before Thanksgiving. mommy and me ordered the cassoulet (I still can't resist the duck confit!). daddy and hubby went for the burgers - cooked exactly to order. We also drooled as pizzas went past us to grace another table. This time, before the cassoulet I ordered an appetizer of the evening - roasted pear with warmed goat cheese and crispy proscuitto. Yummmmmy! It was a cold and blustery night. The roasted pear, the duck, along with the wonderful conversation made the night absolutely perfect. The "icing" of the evening came with the "to die for" sighs and moans from daddy gourmet as he devoured his bread pudding for dessert.

It was such a pleasure to meet and eat with another couple who enjoy food and wine as much as we do. (Let's do it again real soon!)


Sam man said...

What did you have to drink? I had the best wine from Marmandais with cassoulet the other night. One of those firm southwest country wines to chop through all that fat. Lovely! Did you know that is where they did the first cholesterol tests on people? Oh how wine is good for you!

vanessa said...

We had so much fun! Even "Daddy" can't stop saying what an enjoyable time he had. If I could just keep getting bugs (darn those rugrats!) we would love to go again very soon!

pjpink said...

Sam man - We had a St. Francis Cab to drink.

Vanessa - let's plan on another evening in January.

Vanessa said...

Please! It is a date