Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hess Collection Mount Veeder 19 Block Cuvée - 2005

Hess Collection Mount Veeder 19 Block Cuvée - 2005

I have now had this wine twice at The Barrel Thief ($9 a glass and $27 a bottle). The blend is superb with a hearty mouth feel. It's the taste that comes to my mind when a Napa meritage is mentioned.

And The Barrel Thief's price is great. The Hess website sells it for $36.


Anonymous said...

I love this wine, but generally don't have a clue about good wine/food pairings. What do you suggest or have you had it with? I ordered a case from Hess when it was available from the winery and could use some suggestions.

pjpink said...

The first time I had this wine, there was no food involved. And it is oh so delicious just by its lonesome. If having at home I would pair it with a NY Strip (salted and peppered) pan fried in a bit of olive oil and butter to medium rare.

No matter what enjoy the case!