Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shouting Over Mac and Cheese at deLux

Last night we paid a visit to deLux on Main St. What a happening place! The non-smoking downstairs, both bar and tables, were filled to capacity while the mojitos flowed through the crowd. Our smartly dressed host whisked us up the staircase and seated us well away from the upstairs smoking bar. Our seats allowed us to people watch both bars as we worked our way through the meal. We also admired the large paintings gracing the wall by the stairs. I liked the contemporary feel juxtaposed with the exposed brick.

Indecision on our food order hounded us. A number of appetizers caught our attention, the pork special with fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers also beckoned. But, then wait, what about the skirt steak or the Cuban pork? We gave up and ordered mojitos and beef empanadas to get started. The mojitos balanced mint and lime very well. A tad sweet for what I wanted last night, thus, we only had one. The empanada filling contained a spicy ground beef accompanied by a spicy sauce. While tasty, the pastry was a bit thicker than I like and did not allow for more of the delicious filling to be stuffed in the shell.

After finishing our mojitos we ordered a 2003 Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon Napa to enjoy with the rest of our meal. Hearty and fruity.

Still indecision on our meal. So, we decided to try a couple of appetizers and share an entrĂ©e. First up was the Truffle Fries with melted Asiago cheese and truffle oil. Melted Italian-style cheese on fries that still sported potato skin with a sprinkling of dried herbs – looked like thyme to me. So far, all good. Unfortunately, I just could not detect the truffle oil. Part of it may have been due to some of the fries being coated with an orange spice that reminded me of Bullets fries or Arby’s curly fries. Any truffle oil lurking about must have surrendered to this stronger component.

The Fried Calamari tasted wonderful. Not chewy with a good breading. The sauce, however, reminded us of straight-from-the-bottle barbeque sauce. We happily ignored the sauce and enjoyed the appetizer with a spritz of fresh-squeezed lemon.

The “Oh my God” dish ended up being the Macaroni and Cheese. Vermont white cheddar sauce with ham and peas and toasted bread crumbs. Rich, creamy, must-be-a-sin-to-eat goodness. We had some food hits and misses, but this dish will definitely lure us back (and we will now need to try the Lobster Mac and Cheese!).

One last comment. deLux was LOUD! I have discovered that the owner of deLux also owns The Hard Shell (one of the LOUDEST meals we have ever had in Richmond). As we mull over when to return, it will probably be a weeknight to secure a space in the non-smoking downstairs and to hopefully enjoy a quieter setting.


tbsamsel said...

re: Loudness..
Restaurants in RVA tend to be noisy.. why is that? You can barely have a conversation in a lot of places w/o hollering.. or having to deal with a bunch of yobbos gleefully contemplating retirement or their next big bidness transaction.


jorge said...

Oh wow! We there last night and had the truffle fries and the calamari too. Calamari was great, fries were ok too. The wife had the BLT and my buddy had the mac and cheese... both raved about their plates. I had the crab cake sandwich and was not really thrilled about it. Overall a great time. Noisy... but that's to expect in a fan bar/restaurant.

Good review!