Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just Cool Enough For Brunch Outside

We wanted to go to brunch at Six Burner. Alas, they had closed for vacation. And, good for them. I'm all about vacations. I just wish I had known. So, we ended up at CanCan. Because we arrived before 11 AM we secured a table outside. The overcast skies earned our praises. Michael, our waiter, garnered our adoration as well. Pleasant and attentive.

We ordered a half carafe of rose, Eggs Benedict, the omelet of the day (garlic sausage, potatoes, leeks, and brie), and a side of frites (I believe I have mentioned that CanCan has the best fries). All good. My husband really liked how the melted brie added a nice creamy texture to the omelet. A couple of suggestions, however. My spouse always comments that the omelet should automatically be served with a side of frites. I can't fault him - we ordered enough omelets in Paris to know that the frites are a staple side. And this morning my Eggs Benedict was served over toast instead of English muffins. I prefer the English muffins, they soak up the egg yolk and the Hollandaise sauce better.

Our lazy Sunday brunch is now at an end...laundry awaits.


Anonymous said...

Can Can has been serving their eggs benedict on toast for a while now.

James Catlin Chalkley said...

We fell in love at Can Can's Sunday brunch! The latte's are perfectly prepared with the beautiful heart shaped leaf pattern in the crema are also very rich in flavor. Cudos to Tom the Barista! The fresh baked breads are exquisite, the crossaints are fantastic, the atmosphere is unparalleled and as for the people watching and the Sunday NY Times, very relaxing and entertaining. The Interior Design and friendly staff make Can Can world class!