Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Intriguing Wine Tasting at J. Emerson

On June 25 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM J. Emerson will hold its June wine tasting featuring an interesting mix of items including:

Broadbent Vinho Verde
Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc
Quinta do Crasto Douro Red
Vilafonte Series C
Chateau Musar

I am looking forward to the Chateau Musar - probably the most famous Lebanese wine and darn tasty, too. Of course, the tasting is free.

J. Emerson is located at 5716 Grove Ave.


pjpink said...

liz - I accidently deleted your comment. Sorry about that. I really liked the tasting as well. I was very impressed with the Vino Verde. The smokiness of the Vilafonte was very nice and made me crave a grilled steak. Chateau Masur I've had before. It was great to see it featured on this tasting.

PJ said...

My wife and I were in Richmond a few weeks ago. We are considering relocating there from NYC. We have been in the food and wine industry for a while and wonder what the local food scene is like. We discovered the great organic grocery store Elwood and Thompson (sp?) with a great wine selection. Many Rosenthal and Kermit Lynch wines! We ate at a few local establishments. Julep's was charming (a little heavy on the salt though) Enotecca Sogna had a nice wine list which was very cheap compared to NY, the food was ok. We both realize that no other city in the world will be able to top NYC for its food and wine but now a days we are attracted to the possibilty of having a house for the same price as an apartment with a yard for grilling and preparing foods. Richmond is a beautiful city and we like the slower pace and clean sidewalks. Can you mention places that offer locally grown produce and a butcher who has grass fed no hormone etc... beef? We here that J Emersons is a fine wine shop that is temperature controlled (are their delivery trucks refrigerated as well?) Any other farmer markets that are worth checking out besides the one by the train staition? Thank you for your blog.

pjpink said...

pj - Welcome to Richmond. If you want beef you have to talk to Tanya and her staff at the Belmont Butchery (I have the shop listed in my links). She can fix you up with all of your meat needs. And Chris makes incredible house-made sausage. I have no idea if J. Emerson has refrigerated trucks - give them a call at 804-285-8011. Another great wine shop is River City Cellars in Carytown (refer to my links). As far as Farmer's Markets, we are beginning to swell with them. My favorite is the Byrd House Market. Check out Richmond Food Collective (refer to my links) to get the entire scoop. Other grocery stores in the area include The Fresh Market on Parham. We will be getting a Whole Foods at Short Pump in the near future. And a place that definitely uses locally sourced products is The Edible Garden on River Rd. I have not been there for dinner yet, but I plan to go soon. Richmond has a great variety from down home greasy spoons to sumptuous and decadent restaurants. Enjoy!

liz said...

Never been to Edible Garden?! You must go, we think of it as the most underrated restaurants in Richmond right now! Leave room for one of the many fabulous home made desserts!