Saturday, June 21, 2008

At Last, Lunch at McLean's

I'll admit it. I have lived in the River City many years and have never eaten at McLean's on Broad St. My hubby and I remedied the situation today. We now understand why the parking lot is full - friendly staff, cheap food that tastes good. I had the patty melt with sauteed onions and Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. Greasy spoon heaven. And my husband was quite taken with the jumbo burger that was topped with a ripe, sweet tomato slice. I was also partial to the Pepsi with crushed ice.

The building and the wooden booths have been through some wear and tear over the years. And the place still has a smoking section, but there was enough air circulating in the non-smoking section that the cigarette smoke was not noticible.

I really liked the signs announcing that the wait staff practices phone etiquette - if you are on your cell phone, they will respect your privacy and not approach your table until you have finished your conversation.

Next time, we'll have to order breakfast. Most of the egg dishes offer a choice of bacon, fat back, fried bologna, link or pattie sausage. And don't forget the grits and red eye gravy. Weekday lunches feature hot turkey or roast beef sandwiches. I can't wait.


Eiffel Tartan said...

Scott wants to go there every time we drive by. I feel like my cholesterol would go up just by walking in the door. :)

tbsamsel said...

Best time to go there is about 4:00AM. See the real Richmond.

Question: why does Richmond have so few early morning breakfast places?