Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Pleasant Evening at Kitchen 64

After a day of wrestling with ordering, picking up (and don’t forget waiting for the order), loading, and unloading boxes that will eventually turn into kitchen cabinets, my hubby and I did not want to cook and did not want to drive anywhere to eat. Basically, we wanted alcohol, some decent food, and a casual atmosphere. Thus, we walked over to Kitchen 64. We arrived at 5 PM – just before the hostess had gotten her act together. The bartenders/kitchen staff were slicing lemons and limes for the beverages that would be served that evening at one of the back tables. Despite this lackadaisical welcome, all but one of the inside booths were filled and the bar sported a few patrons. The outside patio (encased in tenting and plastic to maintain warmth) displayed a number of empty tables and we opted for the semi-outdoors.

We settled in and ordered mojitos ($7) which arrived in tall frosted glasses. Fairly refreshing, but more sweet than minty or limey. I happened to be the klutz of the evening and after just a few sips knocked the glass over and the liquid onto me. Our waitress, Petrina, immediately came to my rescue with napkins to mop up the mess. She then whisked my glass away and returned with a fresh drink. I call that fantastic service.

We also ordered a bottle of 75 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa ($36) for the meal. Petrina only presented the bottle after we had finished the mojitos (as good wait staff should) and our colorfully tattooed server was able to converse about this particular wine as well as a few of the other wines that she liked on the menu (pleasant conversation without being snooty). This is what the Richmond restaurant and wine scene should be about. And one other thing. The cabernet was a bargain from a restaurant mark-up point of view. Most places sell the 75 cab for $25 a bottle. This is a fantastic red wine and I am very glad that Kitchen 64 carries it and has it reasonable priced.

My spouse ordered the Fried Oyster Platter ($15.95) and I selected the Prime Rib ($18.95). Both came with a mixed green salad and rolls (white and wheat). The salad greens were fresh and the tomatoes (according to my husband) were sweet. And he really, really liked the oysters – very sweet and not “swampy.” Although the cornmeal batter was not his favorite, the quality of the oysters made up for it. He will be back for these sea goodies. His dish also included cole slaw (average) and fries (so-so). My prime rib (ordered medium rare) was more done on the outside than I expected, but very pink on the inside. I enjoyed the horsey sauce – not too overpowering. My meal was accompanied by a small baked potato and mixed sautéed veggies. Not the best prime rib, but a great meal for the money since it included the salad.

After dinner we lingered over the rest of our yummy wine. Folks were now rolling in and waiting for tables inside. Since we were walking, we decided to go for the gusto and ordered an after dinner desserty drink – Red Eye Russian ($9) with vodka, Kahlua, espresso, and whipped cream.

Kitchen 64 was exactly what we needed last night. It behooved us to arrive early on a Saturday. I hope they continue to carry great wines at reasonable prices. And we would like Petrina to be our waitress all the time.

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MessyChef said...

I wanted to like Kitchen64 when I went this past January with some friends.

The night we went it was very crowded. There were inventive things to be had, for sure on the menu. I should like to try it again--I've heard both positive and negative things from others. I am thinking my next visit might be for lunch or even their breakfast.

I'm glad you had a good time!