Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Loss of Dough

I am in mourning. My two most favorite bakeries closed within two months of each other. Sammy's Bakery gave up the ghost at the end of the year. I will miss the father/son duo, the cheese and cherry danishes (especially the warm ones), and the baguettes.

And then Metro Bakery ups and leaves for another state. Their Italian Peasant Bread was the best in Richmond, hands down. The chocolate chip shortbread was also a winner.

I hope all go on to bigger and better endeavors. But I sure will miss their dough.


Anonymous said...

i know this post is a little old, but i was wondering if you or anyone knows where metro bakery moved to? i agree they had the absolute best bread.

pjpink said...

I read that they moved to St. Louis and opened a shop there. I still miss their peasant bread.