Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Duck Crepinette

These little duck sausage morsels were at the Belmont Butchery this evening and I thought "What the hell?" Duck sausage the length of a finger and the width of two fingers wrapped in caul with a dousing of Grand Marnier. I just had to try them. When frying the caul melts. When eating think of smoke and spice with just a brief hint of game. A very rich treat. And while I would not make a meal of these, I would serve them as an appetizer, possibly sliced and sprinkled with Romano cheese.


Veron said...

I really need to get over there to the Belmont Butchery. Seems like my kind of place!

Greg Pullen said...

Hi PJ Pink, Bill Foster @ Belmont Butchery let me taste the duck crepinette thursday, it was amazing. My wife Jen & i own Bin 22 down the street. We are featuring a "Belmont Butchery Charcuterie Trio" on our menu. It has been very well recieved. We hope you & your husband will come see us soon, thanks for your wonderful blog. Cheers, Greg Pullen.

pjpink said...


I can't wait to try your trio, especially since you have a great selection of wines (and even flights!) to accompany the food.

Anonymous said...

Missed out on the Trio, but wanted to Thank Greg and his staff at Bin 22, for a few awesome experiences when I was in town this past week. Greg and the rest of his bunch made me feel very welcome in Richmond. The wine was fantastic the atmosphere relaxing, and made some great friends in his place. Tell everyone Reese said hey, and thanks!
Slainte, James Reese