Friday, June 09, 2006

Northside Ladies Chow Down at Croaker's Spot

I belong to the Northside Ladies Dining Club. In fact, I am a charter member. Originally, it began as a group of women living in the Northside of Richmond. We would gather together every couple of months and try different restaurants. We have had as few as three members attend and on one memorable occasion we packed a place with 13 (members and guests). Last night we headed for Croaker’s Spot. Located on the corner of Leigh and 2nd Streets, it has garnered rave reviews both locally and nationally. They claim to be “the soul of seafood in the soul of the city.” And it’s all true! Five of us partook in the festivities. The restaurant itself is divided in the middle by a wall with bar on one side and a cozy eating area on the other. The hostess stand also does a brisk take out service. There is a very tiny brick patio with three tables. Since the summer evening rains were holding off, we opted for the patio. Most of us ordered fresh pressed limeades – a little tart and oh so sweet. Perfect for a warm evening. All of our meals came with huge slabs of cornbread. I could have made a meal just from the cornbread. Here’s a rundown of what we ordered and reactions:

MJ – Twin Crabcake Medallions (appetizer portion) – “Excellent. Lots of crab meat. A little spicy.”

BT – Egglestons Fried Fish Boat (fried lake trout fillets with sautéed green bell peppers and Vidalia onions and house potatoes) – “Fabulous.”

JW – Two Cheese Fish Boat (fried trout fillets topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese and served with peppers and onions) – “Amazing. Not as much fish due to all of the toppings. Beware of bones.”

SMO – Shrimp and Scallop Broil (served with rice and cabbage) – “Yum, yum, yum. Tender but not overdone. And great cabbage.”

And yours truly, PJPINK – Butterfly Shrimp Dinner (served with cheese grits and cabbage) – “The shrimp was lightly fried and meaty with a touch of spice. Just what I had been craving. The cheese grits were okay, but I am not a grits fan, so my opinion may not count for much.”

I can report that a good time was had by all, and when I have a hankering for great fried seafood and fish, I know the “Spot.”

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