Monday, June 05, 2006

Capital Ale House on a Monday Night

We had business around Innsbrook and afterward decided to go to Capital Ale House for dinner. When we first arrived the host stand seemed a bit unorganized. The female hostess was preoccupied and not very pleasant. After she walked away, we almost left. A male host came over; he fumbled around with the menus, but was at least polite. We finally managed to be seated outside on the brick patio. And our waiter was much more knowledgeable and on the ball than the entrance staff, thank goodness.

The beer, ale, brew menu was extensive. 51 brews on tap with over 100 beers in bottle including several lambics and a couple of eisbocks. I'm generally not a beer fan, but I opted for a Franziskaner Hefe Weisse on draft ($4.25). It's smooth with very little of the bitter aftertaste that I detest. It's also served with a slice of lemon. My honey had an Allgauer Furstabt Hefe Weizen ($5.75). Even though this was a wheat beer, it was not as fruity as most wheat beers.

And since this was Monday, it was Burger Night! Hamburgers were a buck. Cheeseburgers, a buck fifty. Specialty burgers, two bucks. And we are talking 1/3 lb of ground beef at least. Hubby had the Cheeseburger with a side of fries (fries served with dill mayo - $1.99). I went for the Smokehouse Burger with bacon and smoked Gouda. A very filling and inexpensive meal.

This was a great way to experiment with various brews and have a decent meal. If you are not into beers, they also have a full bar (in fact, they have three separate bars and one of them is non-smoking). The wine list is short and on the pricey side. Next time I go, I think I'll try another beer.

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