Saturday, December 05, 2015

Make Sure to Order the Crinkly Fries

Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint is a chain, but feels a bit like a hole-in-the-wall place. It's mainly bar and barstools with an emphasis on craft beer (they also have Bold Rock Cider, which I imbibed). The fact that it is "On the Avenues" is amusing, too.

The wagyu burgers are straightforward with none of that lettuce/tomato/onion stuff. Choose from a plain hamburger or cheeseburger or go for one of their own concoctions, such as The Elvis - a bacon, peanut butter, and banana offering. The burgers were tasty and the inside of the buns were griddled. If you don't want a burger, they offer a grilled cheese; otherwise, go someplace down the street.


Fries are the crinkly kind. I don't see the crinkle variety too often and they fit the bill as we watched the Redskins lose another game on the TV above the bar.

Crinkly Fries

Laid back with lots of beer and decent burgers. Don't forget to order the crinkly fries.

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