Saturday, July 28, 2012

Retro Dining

As with every Giavos family venture, the Continental Westhampton contains everything to be a neighborhood crowd-pleaser: wonderful theme and decor, a menu offering a variety of options at decent prices, and generous portions to keep all satisfied. We finally tried this place with the great chrome and retro furnishings a couple of weeks ago. This time the wait was only about 10 minutes long (enough to order a Manhattan straight up from the shiny and packed bar).

Continental Bar

There were so many choices on the menu that we asked our waitress to give us time to read, lick our lips, and change our minds a couple of times. Knowing that portions were probably on the generous side, we could not order everything.

We ended up having two of the messier sandwiches from the "Eat With Your Hands" section of the menu: The Cuba Libre Burger and the Classic Ham and Cheese with Fried Egg.

Continental Cuba Libre

Ham and Cheese with Fried Egg

I thought the picks with the Continental banner added that just-right retro detail. We had our choices of sides. I went with house-made chips and hubby had fries. Both sandwiches required multiple napkins. My fried egg oozed yolk which was a bonus, but halfway through I gave up and grabbed my knife and fork. The burger had lots of flavor thanks to the addition of ham.

We were also pleased to see the Continental carry Kim Kim sauce, which means I could try it. And it was good.

The Line Up

There were lots of items that we still need to try such as the Kentucky Hot Brown, Lobster Hushpuppies, and Stuart's Baked Alaska... We'll have to return.

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losammon said...

Yum! Both look delicious... I've been dying to try Kim Kim sauce! I keep hearing about it! I heard it was available at Martin's now, but apparently not yet in my local Martin's... gotta make a trip out to Elwood Thompson soon and pick up some!