Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some Yumminess From Last Week

Last week we enjoyed some mighty fine dishes.

Burrata at Enoteca Sogno. OMG. Creamy, soft goodness. Simple, yet so satisfying. I've raved about this before. I'm sure I will rave again.

Burrata with Tomatoes

We went to brunch at The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing. The Fried Shrimp starter was so good. I know where I will go when I have my next hankering.

Fried Shrimp

Word to the management, however. We made reservations and arrived on time; while you did not have any outside seating available (which we did not request when making the reservation) you said you would seat us by the window; this made us happy. So which table were we seated at? The booth by the BRICK WALL. There were plenty of other tables. We asked to switch (our waiter promptly accommodated). We then proceeded to watch everyone else entering for brunch ask for another spot, too. The brick wall booth should be the seat of last resort.

Braveheart Beef Strip Steak with garlic and parsley compound butter with First Press Cabernet Sauvignon at Arcadia. The steak was indeed outstanding (better than the area steakhouses) and decently priced ($26).

Braveheart Beef

And the Cab was tasty, hearty, and paired well with the medium rare entree.

First Press

One other thing about Arcadia: The owner John Van Peppen graciously greets all of his restaurant patrons as they dine. He has this wonderful ability to sincerely express his appreciation for their visit. Always nice to see, which, in turn, acts as an example for his staff who also provide excellent and engaging service.


Lara said...

So nice that you mention the owner and service at Arcadia. I went there with a friend for brunch (crab cakes were delicious) and our waitress was wonderful. When the owner spoke to us as we were leaving, I had to compliment her. Well done Arcadia!

losammon said...

The garlic and parsley compound butter looks RIDICULOUSLY tasty! So jealous of all those yummy looking dishes!