Sunday, August 21, 2011

Selba Soft Opening

I did something a couple of weeks ago that I had never done before - go to a soft opening for a restaurant. Selba had advertised this on Facebook and we decided to try it.

Selba Mural

On this night they only offered small plates and a limited wine selection which was explained to us as we were seated in the Garden Room. Fair enough. The waitstaff was lovely and gave us time enough to peruse our choices and pointed out some of the restaurant features (the windows of the Garden Room can be opened during decent weather).

As we entered we were asked if we wanted to dine in the regular part of the restaurant or the Garden Room. We chose the latter. We had heard that the room was awesome. It was. Large windows, water fountain, plants, and multiple stained glass lights all added to the atmosphere.

Selba Garden Room 1

To start we ordered a 1/2 bottle of Adelsheim Pinot Gris. Nice fat white wine. Lots of body and flavor.

Adelsheim Pinot Gris

And enjoyed the wine with a Mixed Green Salad: Manakintowne lettuces, herbes fine, lemon-thyme vinaigrette and Summer Corn Soup: yellow corn and coconut milk with Virginia jumbo crab and epazote oil. The salad was nice. The corn soup, interesting. The crab tasted a wee bit fishy.


Corn Soup

For the next course we ordered a 1/2 bottle of Frog's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon. Yummy!

Frog's Leap Cab

And selected Seared Pork Tenderloin: Morrocan spce rubbed with shell bean and corn succotash and tomato-prune chutney and Grilled Tri-Tip Steak: smoked fingerling potato salad, braised ruby chard, and herb compound butter. Both of these were excellent! The pork was tender and the beans were done. We both liked the fact that pinto beans (or equivalent) were used for the succotash. And the tri-tip was also over the top. Medium rare deliciousness. And I loved the smoked fingerlings. I hope they feature this on the menu frequently. The smokiness of the potatoes and the herb compound butter helped flavor the chard so I even enjoyed my greens!

Pork Beans Corn

Trip-tip and Smoked Potatoes

A lovely meal. The small plates were a big hit with us, serving up tasty offerings at decent prices and not getting overly stuffed. We both look forward to seeing the regular menu and enjoying the Garden Room again.

Colorful Lights


Jay said...

Wow- looks great. Did they give you a complimentary meal for the soft opening? My friends were just telling me they accidentally crashed the soft opening of Station 2 and got a free meal.

pjpink said...

Jay - you have lucky friends. Selba had advertized the opening on Facebook and nothing was free (at least for us). If I write about free items on this blog, I disclose it.