Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Xtra's Cafe

Last Friday, the weather was lovely. In fact, down right cool for July. We decided to go see Two Gentlemen of Verona at Agecroft Hall. Sadly, Style Weekly panned it in today's edition. We had a good time anyway. We really liked Claire Maughan who played Crab the Dog as well as the musical poetry of Turio (Todd Patterson). And Michael Brown sung the credits and do's and don'ts to much amusement and hilarity. Agecroft is indeed a magical setting.

We didn't bother with a picnic on the grounds, but dined at Xtra's Cafe in Carytown instead.

Xtras Sign

Since we arrived early, we had no problems securing a table, although the tables located on the tiny balcony were reserved. I liked the bright spaciousness of the place.

Xtras Interior

We ordered an Electric City Cab from Washington State to imbibe. Smooth and tasty.

Electric City Cab

I had a tough time figuring out what to eat. I didn't want an entree - too early for that much food. And, truthfully, nothing on the menu jumped out at me. So, I ended up playing it safe and having the Xtra's French Dip: Hand-sliced tender beef, caramelized onions, and melted Swiss, served on a toasted ciabatta roll with au jus for dipping. The sandwich also came with a generous portion of fries.

Xtras French Dip

This sandwich bowled me over. The beef was tender and succulent. The onions were a great addition. And the toasted ciabatta sealed the deal. It all made me very happy.

Hubby got the Crab Cake Sandwich: Pan-fried crab cake served on a challah roll with lettuce, tomato, and avocado tartar sauce. Also with fries on the side.

Xtras Crabcake

Yes, he enjoyed his, too, but mine was the star of the dining show.

Unfortunately, I may never try anything else from Xtra's Cafe unless I eat there every day. That French Dip was that good.

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