Saturday, July 23, 2011

SOJ 7/23/2011

It was a hot one at the South of the James Market today. Most of Richmond decided to beat the heat the best they could and arrived at 8 AM. We were amongst that number. Not as many food carts today which was understandable. The limeade stand had a line and Soul Ice conducted a brisk business. We picked up red and orange tomatoes, the first purple hull peas of the season, potatoes, a whole chicken, peppers, and fresh pasta. We had freshly made sourdough doughnuts and iced coffee for breakfast. Yummy, yummy!

Here are a few photos, of course.

Making Doughnuts


Pepper Variety


Apples and Garlic

If you have photos of any of the area markets, post them here.

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Jay said...

Those donuts are becoming a phenomenon. Everyone I know who has tried them raves about them. Maybe buying it from an Amish stands add to the flavor if not the charm...
btw- the word verification that it made me type to print this comment was "stormfu." Huh.