Friday, March 04, 2011

Yum Yum Good

Last weekend we attended an incredible Chablis tasting at J. Emerson and then jaunted over to Patterson to enjoy Chinese food at Yum Yum Good. This tiny place has been around for years, and continues to serve up decent and inexpensive meals. A few tables were occupied, but most of the traffic came from take out.

We began with Wonton Soup


and a Spring Roll


Both tasty. The soup was very welcome on this chilly, windy evening.

For the main couse we ordered General Tao's Chicken


and an evening special of Chicken and String Beans


The General Tao's was what one would expect, but the breading was crispier than most places around here and a few peppers and baby corn graced the sauce. The special was very good. The string beans were steamed and then fiercely sauteed. A few tree ears were also tossed in. All of the plates had been kept very warm, thus, keeping the food warmer during the meal which I thought was a nice touch.

And our traditional fortune cookie contained a fortune in Spanish!


Nobody knows what he can do until he tries (translation courtesy of iGoogle).

All in all a quiet satisfactory evening.

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Richard Walker said...

my benchmark for a Chinese restaurant simply enough is whether they have pineapples in the sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour pork. I haven't tried here yet, but it has been hard to find in Richmond. Well, also I consider whether they carry fried chicken -- seems this is something they do in DC but not in Richmond.