Sunday, March 06, 2011

At Last

All of you told me I had to try it. I kept promising to go and just never made it. On Friday hubby wanted to go eat somewhere else, and I put my foot down and said "NO! I want to go to Aziza's!" When I am in this mood, he agrees to whatever I say. So, we went to Aziza's on Main.


We arrived fairly earlier and surprisingly, they were not busy. Although the kitchen was at work as we approached and the wood fired brick oven was ablaze.



We experienced friendly service from the entire staff and began with a bottle of Napa Cellars Zinfandel. Very drinkable and a good choice for dinner.


The wine selection offered a reasonable variety at reasonable prices. If we had been in the mood to splurge we would have had a tough time deciding amongst the three high end red choices. While pricey, all were a bargain in the restaurant arena.

The small plates and entrees were tempting, but we needed to try the pizza. Aziza's offers both the red and white variety (10 inches in diameter) with a multitude of combinations or we could build our own. We decided to do a bit of both. We got the pepperoni and roasted red peppers with red sauce and cow mozzarella and added hot sausage. Tasty! And we loved the crust!!

We also ordered white pizza with garlic, fontina, chile, and oregano and added salt packed capers. The crust on this gem was even better, but the capers did make the pie extremely salty.


We munched and imbibed and exclaimed how good everything was and generally stuffed ourselves. We had no room for dessert. But we had drooled over the chocolate toffee cake and the cream puffs while we waited for our meal to arrive. We did what any sensible couple would do; we got dessert to go. And much later in the evening at home, the desserts were delightful accompanied by a glass of port.

Lovely evening, lovely restaurant, lovely wine, lovely pizza. And affordable prices. I should have listened to all of you and dined here sooner.

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Cindy said...

Glad to hear you made it! We missed you there by a day or two since we went on Sunday to check out their brunch for the first time. It was tasty! I love the salad (Manakintowne greens) they pair with lunch and brunch offerings.

Anonymous said...

Please! Please Aziza's, revamp your wine list, I'm begging! I love your restaurant so much, the pizza is unbelievably good, I love the atmosphere and the friendly service. All I ask is introduce a simple, inexpensive, Barbara, a Montepulciano, a Dolcetto, a Greco di Tufo, hell even Soave or a Verdicchio. Or a host of other mediterranean wines from France, Sicily...

Beth said...

Can't wait to try it! That and Fresca on Addison top by restaurant wannago list!