Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Our Winter Tasty On

While Thursday was a snow day, I still had to work. Luckily, I could work from my own abode, but after many intense hours, I needed a break. Night had fallen, the snow had stopped and the world glistened with the fluffy white stuff and a myriad of festive holiday lights. We bundled up in heavy duty Army/Navy coats, insulated hiking boots, and nanook of the north hats and trudged over to Tastebuds American Bistro.

Along the way we took in some decorations


espied others out for a stroll

Strolling in the Snow

and encountered this cute fellow

Hi There!

Once inside and shed of our heavy winter gear, we warmed up with an Italian Whiskey Sour and a Sazerac (both made with rye). And then selected a Duckhorn Decoy Red for dinner (so glad this is on the wine list - yummy!).


And on this night, we could not resist the specials. To start we shared Portuguese kale soup. Warm, smokey, hints of paprika.


And then we had red beans and rice with braised pork, andouille, and greens.


Delicious! and appropriate for a cold wintery evening. I am not a greens fan, but I was able to eat some of mine without gagging (this is, indeed, a huge compliment to the chef and kitchen, really). My hubby sang their praises and thoroughly enjoyed his veggies. Being a meat girl, I liked the pork. Nice, tender chunks that could be easily cut with a spoon. The andouille did not overpower the dish and let the brasied pork do most of the work making this dish delicious. And we had ample servings to take home for leftovers. A nice relaxing dinner to make us forget the worries of the world.

Tastebuds American Bistro will be hosting dinner on New Years Eve with a 6 PM seating and an 8:45 PM seating. The late seating may be full by now, but if you want an early dinner, call them at 804-261-6544. 4 courses for $50 per person plus tax. A couple of items that caught my eye: Duck Ragout en Croute with Blueberry Confit and and House Made Orange Sherbert with Chocolate Truffle and Aged Pedro Jimenez Sherry Sauce.

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