Monday, December 27, 2010

Drool-worthy Parsnip Bisque

DSC_0406, originally uploaded by pjpink.
A couple of weeks ago, I took the day off and hubby and I finished up our Christmas shopping. We stopped in Amuse for a well deserved respite and enjoyed parsnip bisque with serrano bits. The soup was extremely good (I'm still drooling). Please order it while it's still on the menu.

Unfortunately the service was less than stellar. I've eaten at Amuse several times both at table and at the bar. Table service has been good; bar service has knocked out socks off. I'm sure that this one time was an anomaly.

It's just a shame to ruin such outstanding food with less than adequate service.

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Anonymous said...

that looks fantastic. I will definitely stroll down there for that. a good friend of mine works on the floor there - I'll pass along yr comment about service, just to make sure they stay on their toes. I completely agree w/ you about service ruining an otherwise good experience!