Sunday, September 19, 2010


St. Benedict hosted Oktoberfest this weekend and we attended for the first time.

The Omm-pah band was in fine form.

Of course, there was the obligatory "Chicken Dance" which is aways fun to watch/ogle...

I liked the beer steins which were a combination of the traditional and the psychadelic.

We thoroughly enjoyed the potato pancakes.

However, the rest of the food/beer was disappointing. The food menu consisted of bratwurst, knockwurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad, potato pancakes, pretzels, and Barvarian sandwiches (corned beef and Swiss with kraut).

That's it! I thought I was at Busch Gardens. We went with the brat, but really would have liked schnitzel or sauerbraten or something native to Germany that we had not tried in the past...

And while the festival did offer numerous microbrews (good from a locavore stance), they only had one German beer and it had sold out on Friday!

I could let the lack of German beer go. I'm not a beer fan, although I have occasionally been able to tolerate a hefeweizen. But the lack of a better offering of German food really depressed us. We will probably not be back. The "Chicken Dance" is not that big of an enticement.

We did drown our sorrows at Secco with a delicious glass of Schleret Pinot Blanc from Alsace. It's not German either, but closer to Germany than the Oktoberfest.


Bryan said...

Complaining about the beer list is beyond silly. There may not have been much beer that was made in Germany, but there was a huge (and very good) amount of locally made German-style beer. Should the food have been made in Germany and shipped over too?

The Wife said...

We went several years ago (maybe 2 or 3?) and we had a good time, but we haven't gone back. I think we walked away with the same impression as you.

polwig said...

What a bummer, no german beer. I am so on Oktoberfest food kick, even made pretzels today. I love Alsatian wine, you would think they would sell ice vine since it is the same and german... oh well... It is tough to go to those fests with kids since they get so crowded, not enough space allocated, only a parking lot.