Friday, July 03, 2009

Stir Crazy

There's a lot to be said for Stir Crazy, the Northside coffee spot - walking distance from my house, Rostov's coffee, featured artist (check out the quilts currently on display - truly amazing!), a lounge area in the back, meeting space, dinner now being served with a selection of wine and beer, etc., etc.

On the flip side the prices are high for morning fare. We went for breakfast this morning. A medium mocha, medium latte, a bacon and egg biscuit, and a sausage and egg biscuit - $15. And while we really liked the coffee, the biscuits were not wonderful (very dry, pre-made). We would have ordered bagel sandwiches, but they were almost $5 a piece if one wanted bacon or sausage. I did like the fact that we were served our coffee drinks in mugs since we were dining in.

I know that this is a favorite Northside spot for many residents. And I'm glad we have local businesses in the area. Unfortunately, it's tough to make this place a regular daytime habit. Maybe we should check out dinner one evening - the prices seem more in line with some of the wine bars in the area.

I did see on the website that Stir Crazy is having a contest to rename the place. Could this mean other changes are on the way??

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