Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mea Culpa and A Nod to IWICC

We went to Six Burner for Restaurant Week. We had good food, but the menu that Six Burner posted and that published was apparently a "sample menu." No duck confit to be found. In fact, no meat to be seen in any of the first course dishes. My advice - DO NOT PUBLISH A SAMPLE MENU! Fairly simple. And Six Burner had no idea that had posted it.

I apologize for spreading the false expectation that Six Burner would be offering duck confit on the menu.

And I want to give praises to I Wish I Could Cook. The post on Richmond Restaurant Week was indeed insightful. The large group of women attended that night.

I made a pact with my husband - we either donate directly to the Central Virginia Foodbank or we choose a restaurant that we have never been to and we never, ever look at the supposed menus ahead of time.

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whine me dine me said...

So so sorry to hear Six Burner didn't live up to expectations. Oddly enough, we ended up at Hill Cafe last night, not realizing it was part of RW. They had 4 courses! Sure, it was all hummus, pasta and blue plates, but at least the portions weren't small.

Sorry the gaggle of RW women attacked. I so don't get it.