Sunday, December 17, 2006

Buzz and Ned's For Ribs

Last weekend my extended family decided to see the lights at Lewis Ginter. But where do you go to eat with a group ranging from small children to grandparents? I guess the traditional way would be to eat at the Tea House at Lewis Ginter but that requires reservations (and we did not decide upon this until the previous week) and the horrors of dressing up. The next option would be the cafeteria at Lewis Ginter, but that could mean long, slow lines when all of the kids want to immediately see the lights. We took a somewhat non-traditional approach: We went to Buzz and Ned's Barbecue. The joint is located on Boulevard next door to The Car Pool car wash place and across the street from River City Tattoo. The kids sat at the “high” tables. The adults sat at the low ones. We ordered racks of ribs for all as well as onion rings, hush puppies, and fries. These kids love ribs (and so do I!). Buz and Ned’s has the best ribs in Richmond, hands down. They are smoked (a must!!) with a sauce that blends a little sweetness with a very subtle hint of heat. The kids marveled at the lighting – inverted galvanized buckets with a light bulb and the d├ęcor was sturdy enough for childlike activity. It was a big hit for all.

And for adults, Buz and Ned’s lists all manner of adult beverages to go with your barbecue or ribs from beer to tequila to whisky to wine (Red Zin, Shiraz, and Cotes du Rhone, mainly).


Anonymous said...

I just moved to Richmond and several people have already told me that Buzz & Ned's is a great place. So... I went there the other day and think that it really is good BBQ -- except for the price. The serving sizes aren't great, especially given the price is comparable with other local joints that offer more meat or the same amount for a lower price.

Sads said...

This place has never been a cheap eat for me, but who really cares. IT IS FREAKIN' AWESOME! For me it is a half rack of ribs, mac & cheese, and a large order of greens.

Sure I can go somewhere else and save a few bucks- but then again it will taste like a saved a few bucks.

pjpink said...

sads - We think alike. When I want ribs, I want great ribs. I'll spend the few extra bucks. Smoked ribs for me is more of a "gotta have" craving, but I "gotta have" the real thing. Have you ever had the ribs at the Duck Edli in Duck, NC? Those are freakin awesome, too.

Sads said...

PJ- I'll make sure I check them out when Im down there on vaction next fall.

Anonymous said...

This place is a joke!! Ned is Buz's father who has nothing to do with BBQ! All the commercials and the goofy ass story posted on the billboard at the restaurant is a bunch of B.S.!

The real story is Buz hit daddy up for some money b'cuz he couldn't find anyone who would hire him! All the food is purchased from Costco!