Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Chilean I Can Rave About

In the last few years I have found few Chilean wines that have grabbed my attention. Too earthy, too light, too just plain bad. But those cheap prices are oh so seductive. Well, I ran across a hot one last night and I think I will keep him.

The 2003 Chilensis Reserva Syrah from San Rafael Valley won me over. The winery is named after the Jubaea Chilensis palm tree which is native to Chile. The wine itself was $9 (I believe it was purchased at Once Upon a Vine). Of course, the wine has an intense deep purple characteristic of the Syrah grape. Being easy on the eye is always a plus, but what about smarts and personality? Plummy fruit upfront with just a touch of rugged earthiness. Tart cherry on the finish with the memory sticking around for a while. Nice to sip or have with leftovers (such as Roma's pasta alla puttanesca!).

Cheap, handsome, and ready for a good time! Are there any more like him around?

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