Sunday, April 03, 2016

My Favorite Things from Huynh's

Every time I eat at Huynh's these days I always order the same items. They are so good and satisfying, I seldom stray off course. When I do take another path, I end up having regrets.

First off I just gotta have the Jicama Root Shrimp Rolls. I love that they use jicama. The fresh crunch makes for a pleasant beginning.  Two plump rolls are served up with peanut sauce.

Jicama Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Next up, BBQ Pork and Crispy Spring Roll Noodle Salad. Thinly sliced grilled pork with a fried roll chopped up into bite-sized portions. The roll adds a bit of crunchy pizzazz to the noodle dish. And one mustn't forget the fish sauce. Yummy!

BBQ Pork and Crispy Spring Roll over Noodles

Tasty, delicious, and decently priced. If only they would stop rolling around the big cart to bus tables. The wheels travelling over the grooves in the tile can be distracting from a delicious noodle salad.

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