Sunday, June 07, 2015

Breakfast at Early Girl Eatery

We had a delicious breakfast at Early Girl Eatery. The farm-to-table establishment is laid back and sunny. The breakfast menu contains all of the traditional Southern favorites (and Benton's bacon!), but also features vegetarian and vegan fare.

Enjoy the pictorial.

Early Girl Eatery
Early Girl Eatery located in downtown Asheville
Early Girl Supports Local
Early Girl supports a whole host of local producers
Early Girl Condiments
Wildflowers, salt, and raspberry jam
Eggs Bacon Potatoes Biscuit
Traditional country breakfast
Breakfast at Early Girl Eatery
Breakfast scene at Early Girl

Since we arrived on a weekday and after 8 AM, we were easily able to snag a table. I've heard tales of lines on the weekends.

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