Saturday, March 14, 2015

McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill

Yes, go to McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill. The converted Texas de Brazil dining room is a bit cavernous, so the the next time we go we plan on cozying up to the bar. Another reason to be at the bar - gazing at all of the offerings and obtaining knowledge from the bartender. While our waiter was very nice, he was not familiar with most of the bourbons and whiskies. I grant you the menu contains a goodly number, but the waiter indicated that there wasn't, as yet, an educational program for the staff (I hope that changes). I would love to be able to pair some of the whiskies with the food options.

Putting aside my picky observations, we enjoyed our outing.

McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill
Western touches add to the atmosphere of the restaurant.
As I pondered the dinner selections I enjoyed a Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, neat. Smooth with delightful vanilla tones. My kind of bourbon.

I ordered a Nashville Style Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich. Get your mouth in line because the bird was hot! and crispy and delicious.So nice to see (and taste!) that extra touch of grilling the bun.

Nashville Style Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich
Hot and awesome!
Great food. A whiskey for every taste. Saddle up and go west people for some whiskey and grub. Anyone want to be my designated driver?

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