Sunday, September 28, 2014

Early Bird Biscuit Company Pictorial

A couple of Saturdays ago we headed for the Early Bird Biscuit Co. to try out the newest sensation in town. The biscuit gods favored us since there wasn't a line out the door when we arrived. The place is teeny-tiny and we now understand the line. Biscuits are made from scratch and specialty biscuits vary daily. We had traditional ham biscuits. I liked the crunchy top; hubby liked the soft middle. The ham was decent, but tough to chew. I would opt for the buttered version with a bit of jam next time. Upon exiting with our precious cargo, a line had formed. The only change I would make is to have these guys do enough business to open on Sunday.

Enjoy a few photos.

Early Bird Biscuit Company
Early Bird Entrance
The Early Bird...
Cute Vintage Touch
Makin' Biscuits
Making Biscuits - Notice the square design
Ealry Bird Ham Biscuit
Ham Biscuit - Crunchy on top soft in the middle
Early Bird Cards
Early Bird Opens at 7 AM Tues - Sat

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