Sunday, September 01, 2013

Braised Rabbit with Hominy and Corn at Belmont Food Shop

While Belmont Food Shop changes its menu frequently, I was fortunate enough to dine there when the appetizer list featured Braised Rabbit with Hominy and Corn. Tender chunks of rabbit with a creamy-silky sauce. The balance of corn and hominy perfected this dish. Because of the richness, the portion size was just right as well.

We had not planned to eat here, but arrived early enough to snag a couple of places at the bar. I also enjoyed the Roast Chicken with Spoon Bread and Spinach. The chicken was moist and tasty; spoon bread, spot on with the balance of corniness and sweetness.

The wine that I imbibed was the Petit Petite from David Michael. One of my recent favs, but a bit pricey given a restaurant down the street offers it for $12 less per bottle. I guess the wine prices make up for the fantastic price of the $30 three course prix fixe.

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