Monday, August 06, 2012

A Confession and a Plea for Enlightenment

I will admit it. I just don't get Dim Sum. What's so great about it? Okay, I'll agree that all of those photos are enticing. I look at Dim Sum steamed dumplings and I nudge hubby and exclaim: "We need to try this place!"

We have now tried Dim Sum three times over a span of years. Full Kee was first. We had a difficult time understanding what was in the dishes, but everything we tried was fairly bland. We were not impressed. We have enjoyed other offerings at Full Kee.

Next up was Mark's Duck House in Northern Virginia. Once again, we tried it, we experienced blandness. We just did not like it. We continue to enjoy and rave about the duck.

A couple of weeks ago we had lunch at Queen's Dim Sum. The place was pleasant. Queen's had a Dim Sum menu to describe what we were ordering (which we greatly appreciated). The wait staff were patient and attentive. We had steamed pork and shrimp, fried meatballs, taro root, and a couple of others. The results? Neither of us liked what we ate. Everything seemed bland.

Based on our triple experience, it's us, obviously, not the eating establishment.

So, for all of you Dim Sum aficionados - What's the big deal? What am I missing? I am in need of enlightenment.

Dim Sum
Looks delicious enough to entice


Anonymous said...

Did you use the chili oil and soy cause for dipping? That is the main reason I enjoy dim sum. The chili oil is fantastic and unlike anything you can purchase in a grocery store (even Asian grocery stores)!!

pjpink said...

Hi - We used the soy sauce and the red vinegar that was on the table. It made things a bit better, but we still were not impressed