Monday, April 09, 2012

Don't Let the Picture Fool You

Shrimp Caesar by pjpink

Shrimp Caesar a photo by pjpink on Flickr.
Last weekend we enjoyed the colorful wonder that defines Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. We signed up for the yearly membership.

We decided to eat lunch at the Robins Tea House. I've always loved the irises on the table and how they are incorporated in the carpet.

Hubby ordered the Shrimp Caesar Salad which was much better than expected. Unfortunately, the Muffaletta Panino was just okay. The spicy potato salad did not please at all. Half of the potatoes were to the edge of being crunchy (and don't tell me this is how the chef prefers them). Other than the heat of the spice, the potatoes had no flavor. One bite, bland; the next moment tongue on fire; but no real taste.

And the service was severely lacking.

The Tea House is such a lovely setting with infinite possibilities. What a shame.

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