Monday, March 12, 2012

Yes, I Ate at Peter Chang's, Too

And I want to go back. Real soon. We arrived on a Saturday at 4:45 PM and lined up with the other eager eaters. Folks navigating the parking lot from Walmart slowed up and gawked at the line up. The doors opened promptly at 5 PM and we were seated along with two friends who had joined us for dinner.

Peter Chang sports a decent wine list!! Hooray! We ordered a Silvan Ridge Pinot Gris from Oregon. A nice complement to the bit of spiciness ahead.

Silvan Ridge Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris
For starters Spring Vegetable Rolls and Steamed Buns with Beef. The rolls were nice and crispy. The beef had a hint of spice. Unfortunately, the buns were okay. (We were so spoiled by the Duck Buns at the now defunct Ejay Rin. May the buns and kimchi be resurrected in another life!)

Spring Vegetable Rolls
Spring Vegetable Rolls
Steamed Buns with Beef
Steamed Buns with Beef
For entrees, a mix of beef and duck dishes. Orange Flavored Beef was tasty and traditional (at least from an American point of view).

Orange Flavored Beef
Orange Flavored Beef
The Beef Stew in Clay Pot was unexpected and very tasty. Presented in a big cauldron of a pot and consisting of beef brisket, potato, carrot, and tomato in a special sauce that was spicy without being hot. The beef was extremely tender.

Beef Stew in Clay Pot
Beef Stew in Clay Pot
My favorites, of course, were the duck dishes. Guangdong Gulu Duck was boneless, deep fried, and served with a sweet and sour sauce. And such a beautiful presentation. Hubby really liked the taste and flavor of both the meat and the sauce. He was also very pleased that the water fowl was boneless.

Guangdong Gulu Duck
Duck with Sweet and Sour Sauce
I ordered Tea Smoked Duck with Deep Fried Onions. Lovely smoky duck! This fowl did include the bones, but tender enough to strip away the delicious morsels. The onions reminded me of onion straws, but had a prodigious amount of red pepper flakes mixed in. A bit of heat (and even hotter heated up for leftovers the next day!). I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

Tea Smoked Duck with Deep Fried Onion
Tea Smoked Duck
And what's so great is that Peter Chang offers even more duck dishes as well as a wide variety of other delectable dishes. I want to go back. Real soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment on the wine list. It was challenging to match the wines with his food and the list is unconventional because of that.