Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dinner at Chez Foushee

Last Friday we were on the prowl for dinner. We had attended the ArtWorks 4th Friday. It was a bit late. We really wanted to go to Cafe Rustica, but they were packed. We jaunted up a bit further to check out Bistro 27. Closed for a private function (wow! on a Friday). We had recently dined at Tarrant's. As we trudged back to the car, we came across Chez Foushee. I knew this weekday lunch and catering establishment had begun opening for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, but I had no real interest. We had eaten lunch here many years ago and was not enthused. The hype outranked the substance. But tonight, it was cold and we were ready to eat and they had a table available.


First up, a Cava Cocktail: Canton Bamboo - crystallized ginger and cognac ginger liqueur. The ginger added that subtle heat for a cold winter night. So far, so good.


We ordered Pork and Shrimp Pot Stickers with Tonkatsu Sauce to enjoy with our ginger-enhanced cocktail. Great pairing. More pork-like than shrimp-like. I really liked the sauce.


The wine list was short, but reasonable. Nothing over $30 and all of the wine selections were available by the glass. We selected a Ferraton Côtes du Rhône.


For dinner hubby had the Grilled Salmon Steak with potato gnocchi, oregano vinaigrette,  and beet root coulis. Pretty grilled presentation and quite tasty. The potato gnocchi was the absolute bomb.


I, of course, had to order Braised Duck Shank with winter fruit compote and potato gnocchi. Fall off the bone duck with a spiced fruit sauce. I love duck and this dish was perfect for a cold winter evening. If I had been at home I would have picked up the bones and scarfed up all of the delightful meaty morsels that still had the tenacity to cling.


On this night Chez Foushee did not disappoint. I like the dining area with the bi-level dining spaces. Being in a older building also lends charm and character to the experience. They also offer a $25 prix fixe on Friday and Saturday nights.


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TheMarinara said...

PJ- i love that you describe food as "The Bomb." I think Chez Foushee is one of the most beautiful dining establishments in Richmond. I only wish they were open more often for dinner. My past few experiences, including the party I planned there, were the BOMB