Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Thump on the Head to Libbie Market

Specifically, the wine aisle and the wine manager (or assistant manager) and the wine rep. I was trying to view the wines. These assholes were standing in the middle of the aisle totally engrossed in their inventory. I actually turned to face them and they ignored me and did not bother to move.

I did an about face and did not even contemplate buying wine from them. Instead I dropped some bucks at J. Emerson.

Too bad, Libbie Market.


Anonymous said...

Too many Merchants just don't "Get It". You exist for MY CONVENIENCE! Nothing says I have to shop with you!
Keep it up . . . and I won’t!

Anonymous said...

Slap upside the noggin! You go girl!

Belinda said...

I hear ya- I live very close to "the avenues" and have always struggled with running into the attitude you've just described. I have never encountered it anywhere else in the world. Just this overwhelming huge attitude of entitlement and "I'm more important than you." I think it stems from that small town mentality that is inside of a very small bubble in this town of "if I don't know you, I don't need to know you." Maybe join the Junior League and they would get out of your way? ;)