Sunday, January 17, 2010


Friday night we finally dined at Coast. The place was busy and we had to wait for a table. We were in no hurry and while we waited we watched the efficient staff and Gary York cater to diners and bar patrons, including an orange tutu-ed fashionista enjoying a cocktail (I wish I were so bold).

The hostess ensconced us in a cozy table for two by the window and presented menus. Per usual my hubby ordered the fried oyster appetizer. They did not disappoint. And we talked about this penchant of his to always get the fried oysters. He said that most places in Richmond did oysters right and all of them were different. Thus, if the oysters were just okay, the breading and sauce were still great and made the experience enjoyable. In this case the oysters were the star of the show. For an entree he had the seared scallops. He enjoyed the meatinees of the seafood, but, alas, the white beans accompaning the dish included some crunchy beans (neither one of us are fan of crunchy beans).

I had a hard time deciding what to eat. For starters I had the baby iceburg wedge with creamy maytag blue dressing, crispy bacon, and fried sweet onions. I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese (the bacon and onions were the lure for me), but the dressing featured a nice balance and complemented the bacon, onion, and lettuce. And instead of ordering seafood as an entree, I got the prime ribeye with demi-glace, whipped potatoes, and haricots vert. I must have been missing Enoteca Sogno which almost always featured some kind of scrumptious steak as a special. This one was ginormous! And perfectly cooked to a medium rare. I ate about half of it and surrendered the rest to a to go box.

To drink we had a 2006 Collosorbo Rosso di Montalcino.

We had a relaxing evening. Even though the restaurant was busy, we never felt rushed by the staff, and except for the crunchy beans, the food was mouthwatering and delightful.

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RVA foodie said...

I can't wait to go to Coast. If you haven't already, can you post a comment on my latest blog entry about where Enoteca Sogno should pop up next? Gary needs to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Enoteca Sogno was slow for months, thats why it closed.I ate there before it closed,it was awful.I also dined at Coast when it opened it was very good,Ive eaten there recently and it was terrible.Consistentcy keeps restaurants open.