Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Q in Town

On Friday evening we found ourselves on Midlothian Turnpike and headed over to The Wine Cellar for the weekly Friday night free tasting. On this night, budget-friendly wines were featured. We liked the Runaway Merlot from the Central Coast of California the best. Decent body and mouth-feel with a layer of dark fruit on top. And $10.95 was within our budget.

After the tasting Q Barbeque caught our eye. Open for only a week and still awaiting a nod from the ABC Board, we couldn’t resist. We walked up to the counter to place our order. If you want anything other than barbeque – go somewhere else. These folks seemed serious. Behind the counter sat two huge stainless steel smokers. Now we had to decide what to order. My husband selected the Pork Q-Plate ($7) that came with beans, slaw, and a roll. I could not decide between the beef brisket and the ribs, so I got a Q Combo with both and a side of hush puppies ($12). Chicken was also an option, but for us barbecued chicken is a last resort. Other sides (outside of the norm) included Mac and Cheese, Corn Pudding, and Greens.

Our seating options included a semi-circular bar facing a big screen TV, booths, and tables. We liked the bar concept and when Q receives its liquor license, I’m sure it will be popular. At each table were bottle of Sweet Sauce, Mild Sauce, Tabasco, and Pepper/Garlic Vinegar. When it comes to barbeque and sauce, everyone has a different opinion, but we were not enamored of the sauce – too thick and sweet. And my hubby thought the pork, even though smoked, had a slight sweetness to it as well. He liked the beans, but the slaw was too vinegary for him. The beef brisket arrived in chunks, not sliced, but was extremely tender and smoky and contained a good portion. The hush puppies contained just a hint of sweetness to ward off any bitter cornmeal harshness. On to the ribs – the combo had three meaty spare ribs already separated. Very smoked and falling off the bone. No wet sauce on these babies, but the rub had a bit of red pepper giving the smoky goodness an extra kick. No other sauce was necessary. By far the ribs were the stars of the meal with the brisket coming in second. Both meals contained plenty of food, in fact, my Combo was a bit much (but I appreciated being able to try a variety).

Rib only prices begin at $6 for three ribs, $12 for a half rack, and $18 for a full rack. We will be back for the ribs.

Q Barbeque
2077 Walmart Way
Midlothian, VA

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john witherspoon said...

SOrry we missed you. We were there (the wine cellar) too. I enjoyed the value wines, the Cab was quite good, and for $10. :)

see ya

Pete said...

Where do people in Richmond go for fine dining and special occasions? You gave a bad review for The Jefferson anywhere else you can recommend?

pjpink said...

Hey John - Sorry I missed you, too.

pete - That's becoming the $64,000 question for me. Six Burner and Enoteca Sogno are probably the current favorites (both may not be as upscale as you want?). La Grotta also has been a consistent favorite as well as Chez Max. While we had great food at 1 N. Belmont, we did not have great service (probably a one-night blip). We have also liked The Track (but I heard they now have a change of owners). Places that we have yet to try for dinner (but are on our list) include Sensi, Edible Garden, and Pomme in Gordonsville.

Janet said...

For fine dining in Richmond, Sensi is at the top of my list. Chez Max is solid (though the menu is desperately in need of an update). Edible Garden is good, but has consistency issues (and is not fine dining by any stretch of the imagination).

Pete said...

How is the wine list at Edo's Squid? Ever been to Rowland's Fine Dining?

pjpink said...

pete - I have not been to Edo Squid's (it needs to be on my list as well). I've been to Rowland and it was decent. I looked at Rowland's wine menu on line and found a lot of pricey things. If I were there choosing a red, I'd probably go with a James Judd. If you go to either, let me know your thoughts.

Janet said...

Edo's has a good and very reasonable wine list. I like Rowland "okay" but it seems if I'm going to be in that neighborhood, I usually end up elsewhere.

Comfort has one of the best (and most thoughtful) wine lists in town.

pjpink said...

janet - thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate your tastes!