Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mermaid and the Beast

This past Friday we had the good fortune to eat at Pescados once again located on Midlothian Turnpike. I continue to love this place every time I go. This time we were blessed with the Mermaid and the Beast – Grill seared, adobo rubbed, choice filet mignon and a skewer of jumbo shrimp, garnished with a guajillo chili mustard sauce, and served with achoite brown rice. The dish also featured grilled zucchini slices. Although the mustard was a bit overpowering for our tastes, it was easy to work around. The shrimp were colossal, grilled, and very sweet. But the best thing was the steak – cooked to medium rare perfection and extremely tender. It was a bit surprising that a place famous for Latin/Caribbean seafood would have a cut of beef so good that it rivals the upscale steakhouses. And at $26.95 for both the steak and the shrimp – well, what a bargain.

The other wonderful thing about dining at Pescados was the staff. The hostess, bartender (we had to wait about 20 minutes), the waiter, and the chef were all friendly and pleasant making our experience even better. The Southside has such a treasure in this place.

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Veron said...

I love Pescados! I've only eaten there once but it was pleasantly memorable. I had their cajun red snapper and it was sooo good. And our waitress was awesome. The hubby use to wait tables and he pays close attention to the service and he said our waitress did everything right!