Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rhine River Cruise Part 4 - Castles, Villages, and Vineyards

Before breakfast we left Rudesheim. Today we experienced more fog and mist. And this was the day that we cruised through the part of the Rhine that everyone pictures – the land of castles. These fortresses appeared around every bend towering over the villages below. Some in ruins, some housing private citizens, some catering to visitors. I think the only way to truly grasp the magnitude was by boat.

We also glimpsed lovely vineyards in the autumn mist.

Along the way we viewed the Loreley Rock where the maiden jumped to her death because of a fickle lover and was transformed into a siren to lure sailors to their death. In this case we serenaded the siren with a recording of the Song of the Lorelei as we passed.

And then more castles.

We ended our breathtaking journey at Koblenz.

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