Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Priceless Turns Frustrating

I had the opportunity to taste some very fine wines from Chateau Montelena at J. Emerson. In fact, the two estate Cabernets retailed for about $100 and were divine. Indeed, priceless.

So how can a tasting this divine start out extremely frustrating?

Advertise that the tasting begins at 5: 00 PM and do not begin until 5:15 PM!

Much to the consternation of customers, staff, and the wine representative the owner/manager kept delaying the pouring until “more people arrived.” How does that make the rest of us feel? If you want to begin at 5:15 PM, then advertise the tasting as starting at 5:15 PM!

This is not the first time that the owner/manager has delayed an advertised tasting. It’s disappointing that a quality wine shop forgets that time is also a valuable commodity.

I do want to commend Matt who works at the shop. He chatted with customers while they were waiting and endeavored to hasten his employer as much as possible. Thank you, Matt.

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